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Scrubbing the Mixture in the Lines

\item {\bf HOW OFTEN:} After cleaning the cold ... locked in the
tank. Cold trap installed and cold.

If you are confident that the contaminants are in the lines and not in the tank with the mixture, then you may only need to scrub the mixture remaining in the lines. This might occur if a small amount of air leaks into the mixture circuit when connecting or disconnecting the cold trap. If the mixture is closed in the tank, (as it should be whenever connecting or disconnecting the cold trap), then you can get away with a small scrub.

  1. Make sure V13 and V14 are closed.
  2. Open V11 and V12.
  3. Open V1 and V5.
  4. Turn on the compressor.
  5. Turn on the fore pump.
  6. Turn on the turbo pump.
  7. Let sit for 30-40 minutes.
  8. Turn off the turbo pump, fore pump, and compressor.
  9. Close V1 and V5.

Keep in mind, when you've finished, the turbo will continue to s...
...with mixture while the turbo is at full speed can damage the turbo.

Jonathan Ouellet 2014-08-26