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Circulating Warm Mixture

\item {\bf How Long:} $\gtrsim$1 Days
\item {\bf Thermal Shock:} Low to None.
This results in the least thermal shock to the cold mass, but is also slower than softening the vacuum.

To accomplish this:

  1. Wait until the MC, 100mK and still plates are warmer than 5K.
  2. Turn on the forepump and condensor.
  3. Open V5 and V2.
  4. Pulse V9 until P2 reads about 1 bar.
  5. Close V9.
  6. Turn off the forepump.
  7. Open V3.
  8. Until the system is warm, periodically check that P2 is less than 2 bar. If P2 exceeds this, then pulse V4 to leak mixture back to the dumps.
  9. Once the system is warm. Recollect the mixture.

Jonathan Ouellet 2014-08-26